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New Acquisitions - September 2019

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QA1 .I82 2018              
International Congress of Mathematicians (2018 : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians : Rio de Janeiro 2018.  B. Sirakov...[et al.].  [2018].        

QA3 .C59 2019              
Church, Alonzo, 1903-1995.  The collected works of Alonzo Church.  [2019].

QA252 .M55 2017            
Mile High Conference on Nonassociative Mathematics (4th:2017:Denver,Colo.)
Nonassociative mathematics and its applications : Fourth Mile High Conference on Nonassociative, July 29-August 5, 2017, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado/ P. Vojtechovsky...[et al.].  [2019].                  

QA300 .B1685 2019
Baernstein, Albert, II, 1941-2014.   Symmetrization in analysis.  2019.          

QA377 .A567 2018           
Ambrosio, Luigi.   Lectures on elliptic partial differential equations.  [2018].          

QA427 .P37 2019            
Papageorgiou, Nikolaos Socrates.   Nonlinear analysis - theory and methods.  [2019].

QA551 .B4255 2019
Benedetto, Robert L., 1972-  Dynamics in one non-archimedean variable.  [2019].         

QA613 .8 .B85 2019
Bulacu, Daniel, 1973-   Quasi-Hopf algebras : a categorical approach.  2019.          

QA665 .A225 2019           
Abbas, Casim.   Holomorphic curves and global questions in contact geometry.  [2019].        

QA853 .S39 2019
Schwartz, Richard Evan.   The plaid model.  2019.
Gift of the publisher.           


Maulik, Davesh, 1979-   Quantum groups and quantum cohomology. [2019].
Asterisque v.408
PERIOD. v. 408

Aschbacher, Michael, 1944-   On fusion systems of component type.  2019.
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1236.)         
PERIOD. no. 1236  

QB806 .I567 2019          
The impact of binary stars on stellar evolution / Giacomo Beccari and Henri Boffin, editors.  2019.           


QC6 .F3375 2019            
Farmelo, Graham   The universe speaks in numbers : how modern math reveals nature's deepest secrets.  2019.
Gift of the author.          

QC173 .454 .G57 2019        
Girvin, Steven M.   Modern condensed matter physics.  2019.          

QC174 .46 .S553 2019        
Shifman, Mikhail A.   Quantum field theory II.  [2019].