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New Acquisitions - February 2019

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QA11 .A1M345 2018          
The mathematics of data / Michael W. Mahoney...[et al.].  [2018].
Gift of the American Mathematical Society.         

QA176 .M385 2018           
Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference.
Surveys in representation theory of algebras : Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA, April 26-May1, 2017, April 29-May 4, 2015, April 18-23, 2013/ Alex Martsinkovsky...[et al.].   [2018].

QA188 .M347513 2018        
Marchenko, V. A. (Vladimir Aleksandrovich), 1922-   Inverse problems in the theory of small oscillations.  [2018].         

QA243 .U578 2018
Unterberger, André.   Pseudodifferential methods in number theory.  [2018].         

QA377 .M295 2018          
Mazia V. G.   Boundary behavior of solutions to elliptic equations in general domains.  [2018]. 
QA611 .5 .H67 2018
Host, B. (Bernard).   Nilpotent structures in ergodic theory.  [2018].         

QA614 .58 .S5554 2018
Singularities in generic geometry / Shyuichi Izumiya...[et al.].  [2018].
Gift of the Mathematical Society of Japan.        

QA649 .L565 2018           
Loi, Andrea.   Kähler immersions of Kähler manifolds into complex space forms.  [2018].         

QA808 .2 .T46 2005
Temam, Roger.   Mathematical  modeling in continuum mechanics.  2nd ed.  2005.          


Szeftel, Jérémie.   Parametrix for wave equations on a rough background III : space-time regularity of the phase.  2018.
Asterisque v.401
PERIOD. v. 401

Duits, Maurice.   On mesoscopic equilibrium for linear statistics in Dyson's Brownian motion. [2018].
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1222.)         
PERIOD. no. 1222

ASTRO. TK9145  .D37 2016
 De Sanctis, Enzo.   Energy from nuclear fission : an introduction.   [2016].         


QC174 .17 .P7S58 2019
Shuryak, E. V.   Quantum many-body physics in a nutshell.  [2019].         

QC175 .16 .P5C6655 2017     
Conference on Topological  Phase Transitions and New Developments (2017: Nanyang Technological University)
Topological phase transitions and new developments : proceedings of the Conference on Topological Phase Transitions and Developments/ Lars Brink...[et al.].  2019.
Gift of the Beckman Fund.