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New Acquisitions - May 2018

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QA3 .B65 v.5                   
Bott, Raoul, 1923-2005.   Collected papers.  1994-[2018].
Gift of the Publisher.

QA8 .4 .W334 2017           
Wagner, Roi, 1973-   Making and breaking mathematical sense : histories and philosophies of mathematical practice.  [2017].             

QA179 .S74 2016            
Steinberg, Robert, 1922-   Lectures on Chevalley groups.  [2016].         

QA252 .3 .M6495 2018        
Molev, Alexander, 1961-   Sugawara operators for classical Lie algebras.  [2018].
Gift of Beckman Fund.          

QA564 .Q56 2018            
Qin, Zhenbo.   Hilbert schemes of points and infinite dimensional lie algebras.  [2018].
Gift of Beckman Fund.         

QA612 .7 .A385 2018        
Advances in two-dimensional homotopy and combinatorial group theory/ Wolfgang Metzler and Stephan Rosebrock, editors.  2018.          

QA612 .782 .W35 2018        
Walker, Grant.   Polynomials and the mod 2 Steenrod Algebra.  2018.          

QA641 .F74 2018
Frè, P.   Advances in geometry and Lie algebras from supergravity. [2018].
Gift of the Beckman Fund.        


Moeglin, Colette, 1953-   La formule des traces locale tordue.  [2018].
(Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1198.)
PERIOD. no. 1198
Biedermann, Georg.   The realization space of an unstable coalgebra.  2017.
Asterisque v.393
PERIOD. no. 393
Xie, Junyi, 1986-   The dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture for polynomial endomorphisms of the affine plane.  2017.
Asterisque v.394
PERIOD. no. 394
Guirardel, V. (Vincent), 1973-   JSJ decompositions of groups.  2017.
Asterisque v.395
PERIOD. no. 395
Sakellaridis, Yiannis.   Periods and harmonic analysis on spherical varieties.  2017.
Asterisque v.396
PERIOD. no. 396


QB991 .B54K43 2018
Keating, Brian Gregory.   Losing the Nobel Prize: a story of cosmology, ambition , and the perils of science’s highest honor.  [2018].        


QC16 .D95A3 2018
Dyson, Freeman J.   Maker of patterns : an autobiography through letters.  [2018].
Gift of F. Dyson.   
QC16 .D95A4 2018
Bernstein, Jeremy, 1929-   A bouquet of Dyson: and other reflections on science and scientists. [2018].
QC173 .6 .A83 2018          
Asymptotic analysis in general relativity / Thierry Daudé...[et al.].  2018.