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New Acquisitions - May 2019

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QA20 .3 .A24 2019
The Abel Prize 2013-2017 / Helge Holden & Ragni Piene, editors.  [2019].        

QA27 .J3M38 2018
Mathematics of Takebe Katahiro and history of mathematics in East Asia / Tsukane Ogawa, Mitsuo Morimoto & Katahiro Takebe, editors.  [2018].
Gift of the Publisher.        

QA329 .4 .G4513 2019
Gel’man, I. V.   Estimates for differential operators in half-space.  [2019].         

QA613 .2 .P48 2019          
Peterson, Eric, 1987-   Formal geometry and bordism operations.  2019.
Gift of the Beckman Fund.
Matte, Oliver, 1974-   Feynman-Kac formulas for the ultra-violet renormalized Nelson model.  2018.  .
Asterisque v.404
PERIOD. v. 404         

Bony, Jean-Francois.   Resonances for homoclinic trapped sets.  2018.
Asterisque v.405
PERIOD. v. 405          

Fargues, Laurent.   Courbes et fibrés vectoriels en théorie de Hodge p-adique.  2018.
Asterisque v.406
PERIOD. v. 406

Conference on Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry in honor of Joseph Bernstein (2017:Jerusalem, Israel)
Representations of reductive groups : conference in honor of Joseph Bernstein, Representation Theory & Algebraic Geometry, June11-16, 2017, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel/ Avraham Aizenbud...[et al.].  [2019].         
(Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, v.101)
PERIOD. v. 101          


QB603.A85 K75 2019         
Krasnopol’skii, V. A. (Vladimir Anatolevich).   Spectroscopy and photochemistry of planetary atmospheres and ionospheres.  2019.          

ASTRO. QC718 .5 .M36G63945
Goedbloed, J. P., 1940-   Magnetohydrodynamics of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas.  2019.


QC20 .7 .F75H4775 2018
Herrmann, Richard.   Fractional calculus : an introduction for physicists.  3rd ed.  [2018].         

QC168 .85 .S45C45 2019
Christodoulou, Demetrios, 1951-   The shock development problem.  [2019].
QC173 .55 .C37 2019         
Carlip, Steven (Steven Jonathan), 1953-   General relativity : a concise introduction.  2019.          

QC176 .52 .U6M377 2018
Martin, Joseph D.   Solid state insurrection : how the science of substance made American physics matter.  [2018].         

QC446 .2 .M57 2019          
Milonni, Peter W.   An introduction to quantum optics and quantum fluctuations.  2019.          

QC670 .B83 1985            
Buchwald, Jed Z.   From Maxwell to microphysics : aspects of electromagnetic theory in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.  1985.          

QC794 .6 .S85K565 2019      
Kiritsis, Elias.   String theory in a nutshell.  2nd ed.  [2019].