Institute Libraries contactless book pickup request

During this partial reopening of campus, after Labor Day, the libraries want you to have access to our collections!

Given the impact on research that COVID-19 is causing, we are offering contactless book pickup service from the Institute's library collections for individuals are under quarantine. Our catalog is at

If you are not under quarantine, you may still use this form to request Institute books for contact-free pickup outside the HS-SS Library and Fuld Hall.

We also offer a scanning service. There may be staffing disruptions and interruptions to our services.

A quick way to put together a list is to use the "My List" feature of our online catalog and build one as you go. Once you have the books identified please feel free to copy and past your "My list" selection from our online catalog into the comments section.  It is also possible to build your list and email it to your self as plain text, and copy/paste it into our form.

Copy and paste information in this field.
Please indicate if you prefer am email or a phone call for confirmation when your requests are ready: