IAS Film Series 2016-2017

The film series marks its thirty-second year this season. All films are shown free of charge in Wolfensohn Hall and are open to the Institute Community. The series intends to offer the opportunity to hear from the producers, creators, and curators of film.

This year the film series is again pleased to screen a series of films curated by members of the School of Social Science related to the school's theme this year, Law and the Social Sciences.

Next film:

Wednesday, March 22, 4:30, Wolfensohn Hall
Hunger a film by Steve McQueen.

Previous films:

Wednesday, February 22, 4:30, Wolfensohn Hall
Abluka (Frenzy) a film by Emin Alper

Directed by Emin Alper and awarded the Venice Film Festival Special Jury Prize, Abluka (Frenzy) takes place in an unnamed shantytown under police blockade in Istanbul. A parable of a society vanquished by state-sponsored distrust and fear of terrorism, this psycho-social drama tells the tale of two brothers: a former convict, Kadir has been released on parole on the condition that he hunt for evidence of explosives in garbage bins, while Ahmet works for the city killing stray dogs.  Post screening discussion will be led by Ayşe Parla, Wolfensohn Family Member in the School of Social Science.

Wednesday, January 25, 4:30, Wolfensohn Hall
Into The Abyss  :  Directed and written by Werner Herzog

Acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog explores the death penalty in the United States in his documentary Into The Abyss. He focuses on a case in Texas in which teenagers Jason Burkett and Michael Perry murdered three people while trying to steal a car. Their story is told through interviews with family, friends, and with the killers themselves. Rather than a denunciation of the death penalty, Herzog proposes a profound reflection on crime and its punishment in contemporary society. Subtitled A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life, the film is winner of the Grierson Award at the London Film Festival 2011.
Post-screening discussion will be led by Andrew Dilts and Allegra McLeod, both Members in the School of Social Science. This movie is the fourth film in the Law and the Social Sciences series curated by the School of Social Science.

Wednesday, December 7, 4:30 Wolfensohn Hall
13th  : Directed and written by Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th was chosen as the first documentary ever to open the New York Film Festival in 2016. It is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which outlawed slavery, except as punishment for a crime. DuVernay in her documentary illustrates how the 13th Amendment led to the continuation of slavery through mass incarceration.
Post-screening discussion will be led by Bernard Harcourt and Reuben Jonathan Miller, who are visiting faculty and member, respectively, in the School of Social Science. This movie is the third film in the Law and the Social Sciences series curated by the School of Social Science.

Saturday, November 5, 4:30. Wolfensohn Hall
The Great Beauty (La Grande Belleza )
Co-written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino ; featuring music by David Lang
David Lang will introduce the film with a conversation afterwards.

Journalist Jep Gambardella has charmed and seduced his way through the glittering nightlife of Rome. But on his sixty-fifth birthday, Jep unexpectedly finds himself taking stock of his life, turning his cutting wit on himself and his contemporaries, and looking past the lavish nightclubs, parties, and cafés to find Rome itself, in all its monumental glory: a timeless landscape of absurd, exquisite beauty. La Grande Belleza (2013) features sensuous cinematography and a lush score. Italy. 142 minutes

Wednesday, October 12. 4:30. Wolfensohn Hall
A Separation (Original Persian title: Judāyī-i Nādir az Sīmīn)
Directed and written by Asghar Farhadi
A member of the School of Social Science will lead a discussion following the film.

Set in contemporary Iran, A Separation (2011) is a compelling drama about the dissolution of a marriage and the complications which ensure particularly given Iran's restrictive legal system.123 minutes





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These events are free and open to the Institute community. Please note that food is not allowed in Wolfensohn Hall.